HoJo’s Exploits

HoJo’s exploits – June 2016        by Howard Johnson


Members may be interested to learn that John Lovell’s new film ‘I SPY’ is nearing completion and involves 6 club members including myself (Jim Anderson, Irina Pitman, Ken Grainger and Brian Meetens). The plot is so secret I’m not at liberty to say without fear of death. All I can say is that John has wall papered over the evidence and all will be revealed in due course.

This was another of those occasions where I stood in for Brian as Director on one scene where I had no knowledge of the script nor of John’s new 4k Sony camera used on the occasion.

It was a case of the blind leading the blind but hopefully by the end of the production there will be at least one member trained in using 4K technology and ‘It Ain’t Me Babe’.

Howard Johnson


Copyright Free Music

Copyright Free Music

There is always just concern about the Royalties payable for the use of music in our videos.

SDFM Club Members use 3 approaches.

Firstly, if the film is for your own use, or just within the club, then there is nothing payable.

Secondly, for films to be shown publicly some members join the IAC and pay a special Royalty.

Thirdly, many members prefer to use specially prepared copyright free music.

AKM Music has in the past visited SDFM and the members were most impressed.

For more information take a look at their web site


Origin of the EU Pollstars

 Origin of the EU Pollstars    by Howard Johnson


Ideas for a spoof take on the EU Referendum came about following a brainstorming of our Programming sub Committee early May. Originally planned for Production on the night prior to EU Referendum of 22 June, it was brought forward by popular demand and with Alan Cross at the helm on special effects and with me as Director on the night it turned out to be a fun evening with great participation from all those members present.

This was an idea that came out of nowhere but which became an impromptu and unscripted evening with ideas flowing all round. Although we didn’t quite get to do the rumba on the night as planned, I’m sure everyone was pleased with the outturn whichever way they voted.

The EU POLLSTARS was widely circulated to members and various organisations within 3 days of its productions thanks to Alan, and let’s hope we made a difference.

See video post here

or video here

Howard Johnson 

Club Meetings

cropped-SDFM-Logo_2014.jpgSouth Downs Film Makers 

Our Meetings

We aim to provide a varied programme of talks, workshops, film shows and competitions. We have a lively social calendar (see sidebar) including an annual dinner. We also have a monthly newsletter called Freeze Frame which is produced for club members.

Our Aims007 (Large)

  • To encourage active interest in film making as a hobby
  • To help increase the knowledge and technical ability of our members
  • To have fun and build friendships

Where and when do we meet?

Village Hall, Ferring Street, Ferring, West Sussex, BN12 5JP on the first and third Wednesday of each month from 7:30pm to 10pm (with some exceptions please see our calendar).


Contact Us here

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EU Pollstars



SDFM held a practical fun evening involving a spoof dance routine to a serious question.            

This was followed by a scripted play on words using a green screen and auto cue techniques along with lighting, sound and cameras.

David Morgan as Roy, is ready to start in this production shot from 'An Exciting Holiday'

An exciting holiday


 'An Exciting Holiday' director, Alan Cross, discusses the next scene with cameraman Mike Spanton.

‘An Exciting Holiday’ director, Alan Cross, discusses the next scene with cameraman Mike Spanton.

Filming is complete on ‘An Exciting Holiday’  and post production will commence shortly.

Real life husband & wife, David & Alicia Morgan, portray husband & wife Roy & Wendy in this scene from 'An Exciting Holiday'.

Real life husband & wife, David & Alicia Morgan, portray husband & wife Roy & Wendy in this scene from ‘An Exciting Holiday’.

Helmed by Alan Cross with an original story written by Irina Pitman,the film features husband and wife team David & Alicia Morgan from Ferring Amateur Dramatic Society.


You Tube

Club videos


Like many clubs SDFM use You Tube to showcase club productions. These productions are carefully produced and directed. In particular the club gives special attention to copyright clearance which is required for the public shows and competitions to which club videos are submitted. More and more members though are creating their own You Tube Channels to showcase their own work, and enjoy the relative freedom which You Tube gives. 


Please visit our Club You tube channel here

Chichester Challenge 3

Friendly rivalry at the Chichester Challenge

Friendly rivalry at the Chichester Challenge – explains Eileen Godfrey


South Downs Film Makers entertained our rivals, Chichester Film & Video Makers at our meeting on 18th May when we competed in the annual Chichester Challenge. Ten members of CFVM joined us on that evening, ever hopeful that they would successfully defend their title from last year – and they did!

Chichester Challenge 2

Both clubs submitted three main films which we watched during the first half of the evening. The panel of 3 judges, pictured right, CC Judgesconsisted of Richard Plowman from CFVM on the left, Eileen Godfrey from SDFM and our independent judge in the centre, Nelson E. Ward, whom we were pleased to see once more. Members will remember him from the part he played in our film “The Young Escapers” which we shot last year.


A delicious buffet and refreshments, organised by our Social Co-ordinator Irina and her team, were Chichester Challenge 3served during the interval, and Michael Boddington did a great job of running the raffle. During the interval members from both clubs had an opportunity to chat to each other whilst the judges compared notes and adjudicated. During the second half, we watched two hot shorts from each club. The judges pointed out that there was a very high standard of film making from both clubs but the resulting points awarded confirmed Chichester as this year’s winners. Our Chairman, Bob Summers, presented the trophy to Mike Morris, Chairman of CFVM.   Ah well! There’s always another year, but congratulations to Chichester Film & Video Makers, as this year’s worthy winners.


Eileen Godfrey