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We offer entertaining film shows to all types of clubs and societies in West and East Sussex and have varied programmes of films produced by the club, made up of drama, comedy, documentary, travel and local interest.

The programme usually runs for an hour, but we can adjust the timing according to your requirements. We provide all necessary equipment including projector, tripod screen, amplifier and loudspeakers. All we require from you is a table, two chairs, a 13 amp power outlet and for the room to be darkened. For setting up, we need access to the room thirty minutes prior to the show start time.

The cost is just £35 for a show within a travelling radius of eight miles from Worthing. For distances in excess of the eight mile radius, please let us know your location by using the contact form below and we will advise you of the price.

Many of our films have won awards in local, national and international amateur film festivals and, in addition to showing the films, we give a short talk on the background of our club and an insight into the making of the films.

Comments from our audiences include:

‘Lots of laughs and all professionally presented’

‘A thoroughly entertaining show’

‘Can’t wait to see some more!’

If you feel a show would be of interest, please contact us here.


Production News – September 2016



by Brian Meetens, Film-making Co-ordinator

September 2016


The Picture Shoot 3

Cameramen for ‘The Picture’ Keith Poley and Richard Stockwell, are caught by the camera themselves.

The Picture pic kitchen shot & cam 1

An atmospheric shot from ‘The Picture’, L to R, Cameraman Richard Stockwell, director John Guile, Helen Chewter as Jenny and 2nd cameraman Keith Poley.

Filming for the new drama thriller The Picture has been taking place over the past few weeks with completion expected by the end of September. John Guile is at the helm and locations are West Worthing & Highdown.



The screenplay, originally started by Chris Hodson has been adapted and completed by Brian Meetens. The cast is made up with well known actors from local theatre groups.


 I Spy, John Lovell’s new comedy is now in post production.

Jim Anderson as Head of State Security, Sir Percy Thro-Upp, in John Lovell's new comedy 'I Spy' now in production.

Jim Anderson as Head of State Security, Sir Percy Thro-Upp, in John Lovell’s new comedy ‘I Spy’ now in production.




The film features Irina Pitman, Ken Grainger and Jim Anderson in the roles of spies and spy catchers.




Real life husband & wife, David & Alicia Morgan, portray husband & wife Roy & Wendy in this scene from 'An Exciting Holiday'.

Real life husband & wife, David & Alicia Morgan, portray husband & wife Roy & Wendy in this scene from ‘Travel Companion’.

Travel Companion (previously known under the working title: An Exciting Holiday), written by Irina Pitman and directed by Alan Cross is now complete and the trailer can be seen here.



The film features husband and wife team David & Alicia Morgan from Ferring Amateur Dramatic Society.


The 1250 Anniversary project incorporating two films, ‘Celebration of St Andrew’s’ and ‘Happy Birthday Ferring’ with both filmed over a 12 month period will be screened to the public at Ferring Village Hall over            two evenings on Friday 28th & Saturday 29th October with the programme commencing at 7.00pm on each evening.

Z palm sunday 2 smaller






‘Missing’, a comedy drama by Vivienne McCulloch is under discussion for filming later this year. The film is set to be helmed by Vivienne in locations around the Shoreham area.

An exciting and challenging film is the description given to ‘Up, Up & Away’, a project being considered for production next year. The story, written by Vivienne McCulloch, has been adapted from an intriguing true story.

A short drama screenplay by Nadya Henwood entitled ‘Tragedy’ is under discussion as a future project.        



Please keep Production News informed if you are making films of any genre including Hot Shorts, or if you would like assistance, crew or acting members. Also, if you have any ideas, stories or scripts you would like to offer to the Film Making sub-committee, we’ll be delighted to receive them.



Ferring 1250 Premiere

Ferring 1250 Premiere


During 2015 the club was kept very busy shooting a lot of footage for “Ferring 1250”, a film specially commissioned to celebrate the 1250th anniversary year of St Andrew’s Church Ferring.


Z palm sunday 2 smaller

Scene from Ferring 1250 

This is one of the clubs most ambitious projects so far, and shows not only a year in the life of of St. Andrews church but also the work done by many of the 80 community and voluntary groups in the village.

This mammoth undertaking has now been edited and compiled into a special commemorative film of ninety minutes duration.


The film will be premiered for members of the village at Ferring Village hall on Friday 28th and Saturday 29th October starting at  7 p.m.. 



Tickets are available now for just £5 from The Henty Arms, 2 Ferring Lane and Symonds Reading, 86 Ferring Street or call Eileen on 01903 501656.

Scene from Ferring 1250

 Scene from Ferring 1250



A commemorative video will also be on sale on the two nights.


Studio 1_featuredimage

David and Bob visit Seaside Hospital Radio

Bob and Dave at Seaside Radio in Shoreham Hospital

Bob and Dave at Seaside Hospital Radio in Southlands  Hospital, Shoreham.



On 29th June, David and Bob were invited to attend the studios of Seaside Hospital Radio for a recorded interview with Andy Wolage, the station’s chief presenter.

Andy Wolage - Seaside Radio

Andy Wolage – Seaside Hospital Radio at Southlands Hospital, Shoreham

 Hear David and Bobs interview here