Production News – June 2017


by Brian Meetens, Film-making Co-ordinator

June 2017



There’s a saucy comedy idea from David Allen entitled ‘Parlez Vous’.

Alan Eyles is working on a film with the working title of ‘McCarthy’s Church’ and is looking to local amateur theatre groups for the cast.

A location picture from SDFMs new thriller ‘Dead on Time’ set to commence filming during the summer

Brian Meetens has written a thriller entitled Dead on Time, which was read at a club meeting a couple of years ago during one of the script evenings and which received encouraging comments from the audience. The film is currently in pre-production with Brian producing and Paul Webster directing. The film has been cast and has a start date for filming toward the end of June.

Alan Cross is writing a screenplay from a script written by Nadya Henwood and is looking to make the film during the summer.

Alan has also volunteered to make a promo for the club and is considering various proposals on items to be included.

Howard Johnson has just completed filming a green screen production with the apt title of ‘Heady’s’ and written a comedy sketch entitled ‘Cold Calling’ which has been chalked up for filming during the summer.

Bob Summers is co-ordinating production of a promo being made for ‘Neighbourhood Watch’.

Do you have any stories or scripts that may be suitable for filming?  If so, we’ll be delighted to hear from you.





Some years ago, BBC TV ran a British comedy series about a group of incompetent safe crackers.


A few years before that, we wrote and filmed ‘Rough Luck’ a comedy all about a group of incompetent safe crackers, who were using the proceeds to supplement their pensions. The film became very successful and was screened at a number of amateur film festivals throughout England. The film also spawned three sequels, ‘That’s the Spirit’, ‘Brotherly Spirit’ and ‘Heavenly Spirit’.


This April, Ferring Film Society’s feature movie showing at Ferring Village Hall is ‘Golden Years’ a British comedy about a group of retirees who decide to rob a bank to supplement their pensions.


Howard Johnson & Brian Meetens in a scene from SDFMs ‘Rough Luck’, filmed in 2005

I know it’s said there are only a very few original plots and all stories since then are based in some way, on those originals, but did SDFM set a trend with ‘Rough Luck’?






Brian Meetens


South Downs Film Makers – awards April 2017


Can it get any better?    

Seven trophies for South Downs Film Makers in a weekend  !


Congratulations to those members responsible for producing these films.



Results from SERIAC Film Festival 8th April 2017


Tea & Toast 


Highly Commended

Production crew: David Allen, Howard Johnson, Mike Spanton, Brian Meetens, John Fisher. 


Bench by the sea:

Makers of Bench by the Sea at Seriac
Director Alan Cross, Producer Rebecca Simmons Camera Mike Spanton


Regional Shield for best film in the festival

Kent Cup for best film from an IAC affiliated Club

Marina Trophy for best drama / story film

The Baynes Trophy for best photography

Alan Cross- best film in Festival









Alan Cross & Mike Spanton.

Results from the Albany Film Festival 9th April 2017

Travel Companion:

The Runners up trophy.

Roy Powell receiving the runner up trophy at the Albany for’ Travel Companion’ on behalf of the film makers

The Syd Mitchell Editing Trophy for Best edited entry

Story: Irina Pitman.

Directed: Alan Cross.

Camera: Mike Spanton.

Sound:  David Allen.



The Greenyer Trophy for Best use of sound

The Picture

John Guile receiving the trophy for ‘The Picture’


Writers: Chris Hodson & Brian Meetens.

Producers: Brian Meetens & John Guile.

Director John Guile; Cameras: Richard Stockwell & Keith Poley.

Sound: David Allen.



Club Meeting 19th April 2017

 Club meeting on the 19th April 2017
At the Club meeting on the 19th April 2017 the competition theme was ‘Holiday’ films of which eight were entered.
The joint winners were Irina Pitman with her excellent film about her trip to Iceland and the other being an interesting documentary about Malta by Bob Summers.
In second place was a documentary about Madeira made by Roy Powell.
In third place was ‘Ian’ in Benidorm a film by David Allen.
The evening concluded with a short film by John Fisher made in 1986 and transferred from 8mm on to DVD about the good old days going on holiday abroad including the car breaking down, engine repairs and plenty of food and drink.
We now look forward to our next meeting which is a Challenge on the screen against Chichester Film and Video Makers on May 10th at Chichester at 7-30pm.   See calendar here



To celebrate the launch of a new book about 120 years of film in Worthing and Sussex – ‘Electric Pictures’ (published by the History Press), Worthing WOW will be hosting a special book launch together with a film screening of the classic British film ‘Wish You Were Here’ at the Dome Cinema at 12.45pm on 23rd April 2017. The comedy drama starring Emily Lloyd and Tom Bell was shot in and around Worthing and in the Dome during 1987.


The film will be introduced by its esteemed director David Leland – who has also written the Foreword to the book – and after the film there will be a Q&A with him about his glittering Hollywood career and what it was like to film in Worthing 30 years ago.


Written as part of the Worthing WOW festival celebrations, ‘Electric Pictures’ commemorates 120 years of film in the Sussex coastal towns of Worthing and Shoreham, capturing the region’s rich cinematic legacy and its place in British film history.


From filmmaking pioneers through to blockbuster films and key events in the film history of the coast, this volume draws on research from film archives and local history resources to tell the story of the south coast film world.

Richly illustrated and featuring contributions from local historians and film and theatre specialists, this book also includes an additional Heritage Trail guide that reveals key filming locations and the towns’ cinemas.


The book was due for publication on 2nd March and can be ordered on-line from at £12.99 or as a Kindle edition at £4.35.



This screening event will also be linking in with Worthing’s new ‘Wish You Were Here’ festival, an Open-Access, Performing Arts Festival, which is taking place over the same weekend – Thursday 20th to Sunday 23rd April. The bfestival will showcase a range of performance makers in pub venues around Worthing, including, theatre, comedy, film, spoken word and music. The weekend promises to be a celebration of Worthing, the arts and the good old British seaside.


Worthing WOW, which is a registered charity, is organizing this event for the community of Worthing to celebrate creativity, to inspire our younger generation and to raise funds for future festival events.


Brian Meetens