The BIAFF results are in

Yes the BIAFF entries have been judged and SDFM’s 4 films have all won star awards as follows:

  • Arundel – A Walk in Time – 4 Stars
  • Tide of Light – 3 Stars
  • Alice’s Amazing Arundel Adventure – 3 Stars
  • Worthing Rowing Club – 3 Stars

Congratulations to the ‘Walk in Time’ team – 4 Stars is a very good result and is categorised as follows:

It is expected that the story will hang together well as an artistic whole. This standard of film would have something special about it: perhaps something original in the treatment of the subject, or something out of the ordinary about the content, or be technically creative. It may, however, have minor flaws which detrimentally affect the audience appeal. Clearly each rating will inevitably cover a range of attainment levels, and will be subjective to some degree; film is a work of art not science.

Judge’s Comments

“A well filmed walk around the area and town of Arundel. There were some good high-quality shots and good use of a drone. The music was generally good and the presenter was enthusiastic. A variety of interviews always helps with this type of film.

We did find that there was some variation in the sound level of the voice over.

We also did not think that the tug was at the correct angle.

Overall, an interesting film. Well done and thank you for letting us watch it.”

The BIAFF Festival itself runs online from 19th to 24th April 2022 and live in Birmingham on 22nd – 24th April 2022 on a big screen in the Ron Barber Studio of the Crescent Theatre, 20 Sheepcote St, Brindley Place, Birmingham B16 8AE