Our Films

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Our films range from documentaries to holiday films, from one minute shorts through to drama / story films.


Incident at Baggy point
A Howard Johnson Comedy
baggy point   The Young Escapers
A Howard Johnson production
Mr Noah builds his dreamboat
A man achieves his ambition
Mr Noah   Worthing Treasure Hunt
Winner 2014
Treasure Hunt
End of the Day
What a homecoming!
  New Horizons
Helping the disadvantaged
Heavenly Spirit
How to get to a safe place.
  Snap Decision
A grumpy Husband
The Messenger
The messenger brings bad news with a twist
  Fat Elvis
Not quite Elvis, more a tribute to Michael
Secrets of a Happy Marriage
Conversation between a Happy Couple
  Life`s a Circus
The every day life in a circus
Lifes a Circus_Thumb
Fan Fare
Football Fans waiting for a meal
  Oh Doctor!
Fellow has to strip off in front of the doctor – trouble is, the doc is female…
The Last Train
A thriller to keep you guessing right up to the end.
  The Duke’s Breakfast
A fun version of Upstairs and Downstairs.
Dukes Brakfast
Woody Wonker’s Wonder Tours
Don’t delay – take the wonder tour today.
  Brotherly Love
Romantic drama about two brothers and their love for one lady.