‘The Briefcase’ breakdown

The premiere screening of Alan Cross’s new film ‘The Briefcase’, made in conjunction with South Downs Film Makers, took place on Wednesday 19th June, to a packed club room at Ferring Village Hall.

The film’s cast, crew and guests, were treated to their first viewing of the 22-minute film on the big screen.


Stills from the film:
Left – Carstairs played by Chris Morgan
Below – Julia Longhurst as Erica Prowst – Control ‘C’
Bottom – Jack Kristiansen & Martin Malone as Volkov & Pasternak  


This was followed by Alan detailing how the film was made, from the Pre-Production processes:

  • Pre Viz
  • Script Development
  • AI Images and Storyboard
  • Character Outlines
  • Shotlist
  • Artwork Props
  • Wound FX Make-Up

to the Post-Production processes:

  • Title Sequence Production
  • Colour Grading with Da Vinci Resolve
  • Train FX Shot Breakdown

After a tea/coffee break, Alan explained how the scoring of the music for the film was achieved using Apple’s Logic Pro. Then came a showing of a Gag-Reel to much laughter. The cast and crew were then invited to participate in a Q&A session with the audience which covered amongst other things, use of the locations, the gun and the ‘slap’.

The surprise to most people who attended the evening, apart from enjoying a most professionally looking spy thriller, was the amount of work which Alan had put into the film’s production, which was clear when he described the individual pre and post production processes.

It is hoped the film will do well in national and international film competitions.