7 Weeks in Summer

filmstripSeven Weeks in Summer 2004

The second part of our club evening on Wednesday 15th September included a viewing of our latest completed film by director Chris Hodson; a documentary which was shot in conjunction with the Ferring Amateur Dramatic Society, or FADS for short.7 Days of Summer 2
Chris spoke about the project at the start of the show and explained that we had tried to do our filming without interrupting their rehearsal schedule, and I think that this was managed without too much disturbance to their club. Chris said that he had never directed a documentary film before, although you may have found that difficult to believe after having seen the film.
The event was a record of FADS planning and rehearsing their summer production of one of Alan Ayckbourn’s plays.
The finished film contained items of scenery making and fitting, interviews with the principal characters and technicians and some of the executive members who also outlined the early history of the society.
7 Days of Summer 1Members of their cast and crew were invited to our evening to see themselves on the big screen. They were duly impressed and were liberal with their praise of the finished result, and we received requests for copies, which we will be pleased to fulfil.
This was a 45 minute version, but Chris has edited down a competition version to approximately 10 minutes.
Perhaps I shouldn’t say this myself as I was a member of the production crew, but I found this a really excellent piece of work.
Peter Everett.