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filmstripThoughts on the Sussex


The 39th Sussex Film Festival held at Wivelsfield Green on Sunday 5th October saw our club, once again, winning more silverware and certificates. “Lucky Break” received a Commended Certificate as did “Beautiful Bosham” and “A Year in the Life of Salvington Mill”, entered by Coral Meetens received a Highly Commended Certificate.

The silverware was won by Brian Meetens with “The House”. This film took the “Best Acting Trophy and the “Sussex Challenge Cup” for the best film at the Festival. Well done to everybody.

Our club was to do the projecting of the films but this did not go as well as expected. Apart from the terrible weather going to the Festival with the equipment, we had trouble with the film screen. The screen that was supposed to be there did not materialise so we had to use our outside projection screen which, when put on the stage looked like a postage stamp. Fortunately for us a club member from another club and who lived close by went home and brought in a much larger screen – problem one solved.

Problem two was that after assembling our club projection equipment (which looked like spaghetti junction with the amount of wiring needed to put it together) there must have been a broken cable as we could not get any sound from the system. After a lot of hard work we managed to reroute the wiring with about 5minutes to spare before the start of the show. As luck would have it the showing of the films went smoothly and I would like to thank Fred Clarke and Keith Poley for all their hard work in helping me.

Nine members of our club turned up to help the ailing attendance for the show.

One good piece of news is that the Festival will be on next year as a new Competition Secretary has been found.
John Guile