Production News

A number of films have been completed during the last few months and some have done well in external competitions.

One of these was the production of ‘Painting with Glass’. The Designer Glass artist Siobhan Jones, whose business is featured in the film, made us very welcome in her studio. Once an ongoing design was chosen by us, we got the permission of the clients to film them throughout the whole window production process. Fortunately they were very willing and enthusiastic about the project – a joy to work with. Above: Siobhan Jones showing us the finished window.

See the film at:

Filming continues on the project to record those groups who have received grants from Worthing Community Chest, and to encourage other groups to make applications. SDFM club members have been out and about over the last few months filming clubs and organisation which have received grants from Worthing Community Chest – like ourselves.

In January we attended the library to record ‘Talent within you’, an organisation to help young people gain confidence for their future life. In attendance was Rob Andrews, the England International rugby player, and McClaren representing the car company with a superb example of one of their Supercars.

March saw 2 projects: the opening of the ‘Here & Now’ office and later the ‘Portrait Artist of the Year’ competition at St Pauls in Chapel Road.

Early May was a visit to the Worthing Rowing Club BBQ evening of Indian food, to be followed with a glass window opening on the pier in August.

May also saw us at the unveiling of Cycall, adapted cycles for disabled people to enjoy the pleasures of mobility with others. SDFM were featured in an article about them in the Worthing Herald.

A morning in June was spent visiting the Worthing Croquet club at Field Place, receiving their Community Chest cheque. Later in June, our cameras followed the ‘Children’s Parade’ through Worthing town centre, all depicting characters from David Walliams books. This included a surprise visit from David himself.

Scripts are currently being considered for films to be made for the SERIAC Albany 2020 competition – the theme being ‘A Change in Direction’

Additionally scripts are always being sought for both club and personal film productions. Do you have any ideas for stories that could be filmed by the club? Do you know anybody who may be interested in acting in our films? Whilst we have a few members who are willing to (and capable of) acting, we often struggle with obtaining actors (of the right age) for our productions.

Are you interested in directing, or helping with productions? Members will be offered the opportunity of helping in some capacity with the making of the films. This could be anything from pre-production activities including finances, storyboarding, shooting schedules in conjunction with the producer and director, through to acting and crewing with all the various types of roles required here. If you are interested, then please get in touch and let us know.


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