Competition’s Night

A great club evening was held on Wednesday 17th January, our first meeting of 2024. There were 4 club competitions up for grabs – the 1-minute; 2-minute; Christmas Competition and the Ferring Cup. A total of 22 films were screened, together with a showing of a re-edited ‘Lancing’ film and a trailer for a forthcoming film by new members Ian & Christine Ryder.









Howard Johnson’s ‘Pump up the Jam’ won the 1-minute; Ian and Christine Ryder’s ‘Pigeons’ won the 2-minute. New members Ian and Christine also won the Christmas competition with their film about putting up and taking down all their Christmas decorations at home, titled ‘All for just One Day’ including the family get-together. The Ferring cup was won by Irina with her film about the Basilika Cistern in Istanbul, which she filmed with husband Terry (who also did the voice-over) during a visit in 2023. You may recall the Basilika Cistern being featured in the 1963 James Bond film ‘From Russia with Love’.

After a problem with Tom Weager’s film’s audio about his Grandad’s birthday aeroplane flight, playing through the club’s Panasonic Blu-ray player, Mum Katherine came to the rescue with her laptop with which we were able to play the film with no sound issues, apart from the volume level, which Tom has taken away to improve in future. 

Photos show the prize winners receiving their trophies from Chairman, Roy Powell. Photos: Alan Cross