Arundel vs Arundel + Tribute to Judy Webster

On our club night of Wednesday 17th November, we held the annual Summer Shoot competition, except it wasn’t a competition! I’d better explain.

In order to have a valid competition with voting and the awarding of magnificent prizes, (well a round of applause anyway), we have to have at least 3 entries. Sadly this year there were only 2, and both about Arundel in West Sussex. However both films, made by 2 teams of different members of the club, were screened during the evening, to the delight of the attending members, who agreed we had produced 2 very good documentary films. We were back in our usual club room at Ferring Village Hall, and so were able to watch them on our large projection screen, rather than a computer screen. This was followed by each team giving a short presentation about how their film came about and how it was produced followed by a Q&A session. Time for a tea/coffee break.

The second half of the evening was a tribute to Judy Webster, who sadly died earlier in the year. July was an active member of the club for many years. A tribute to Judy, written by Howard Johnson, appeared in the May/June 2021 edition of the club’s newsletter ‘Freeze Frame’. We watched a number of films in which Judy acted, bringing back fond memories of her. (Photo: Judy in pensive mood as she plays the part of Audrey in the SDFM production of ‘Brotherly Love’, directed by her husband Paul Webster).