Christine Johnson

The Club was saddened to learn of the passing of Howard Johnson’s wife, Christine. We will remember her support for Howard in his filmmaking and for all her work in making our club social events, particularly the summer barbecues in her garden, so successful. Christine acted in many of Howard’s films including his wacky ‘Parody in Motion’ –  see still photo from the film below. The film can be viewed in full, with Christine playing many roles, on the ‘Our Films’ section of this website.

At the time Howard wrote a very moving piece about her.

“It is with sadness that I have to announce that my darling wife, Christine, passed away today Monday 05 September at the company of her family and just in time to hear the name of our new Prime Minister who she was eagerly awaiting. This past week has been a harrowing time for us all but fortunately for us Christine was able to join in with our 48th Wedding Anniversary celebrations with a glass of Prosecco this time last week. She wanted me to thank everyone for their support over the past few weeks and in helping us to get through this difficult time and sharing your time with us. It has been a cherished if not heartbreaking 6 months of shared memories and we were lucky to be granted this time to add to those memories.

It has been a privilege to be her soul mate and husband for an amazing 50 years of our lives together much of which has been embraced in the company of our loving family and friends, past and present. This family bond which goes back a generation has helped to bring us together and sealed our ever lasting love. No doubt over time the impact will lessen and hopefully I will be able to resume my eclectic and eccentric pursuits”. Howard.