Our Annual Holiday Competition

This year’s Holiday Competition attracted eight member’s films, which were enjoyed by a good turnout of 17 members viewing the films and voting on them.

The entries were as follows:

‘Trip Sealed with a Kiss’ was by Howard Johnson,
showing a day out on a vessel looking for seals.

A film named ‘24.3.24’ by Tom Weager.
An interesting film showing life on a beach with the use of close-ups, wide-angle shots and well edited to music.

‘Casa Batllo’ by Chris Morgan
showed the famous Gaudi house in Barcelona with the story being told from the house’s point of view.

‘The Falkirk Wheel and Kelpies’ was a documentary by Bob Summers, 
explaining how the wheel operates with excellent videography of its operation and vessels entering.

‘Passage to Kamchatka’ by Jim Anderson
was a travelog with amazing photos and video shots of the places that were visited in remote areas.

A film named ‘Changing of the Guard’ by Howard Johnson
showed the key ceremony in France with the changing of the keys and all the pageantry of the horses and bands involved.

The runner up film was called ‘Russian Winter’ by Irina Pitman
showing the beautiful effects of snow and crystals following winter scenes of families and children in snowy Wonderland.

And the winner was ‘Our adventures in Iceland’ by Ian and Christine Ryder.
An incredible travelog of Iceland showing remote areas, volcanoes, lakes, geezers and glaciers and not forgetting the puffins.

After the showing of the films and votes being counted, both Christine and Ian were awarded the Holiday trophy by our acting chairman Pauline Reymond.

The rest of the evening was dedicated to showing a few club archive films.

Write-up by Chris Morgan