Exploring Identity: SDFM’s Vibrant Community Film Competition

In a celebration of creativity and community spirit, Ferring Village Hall played host to an inspiring showcase on Wednesday 15th November, as it welcomed the inaugural community filmmaking competition themed “Who am I.” The event brought together filmmakers from diverse backgrounds and ages, each offering a unique perspective on the theme that resonated with the audience.

The competition, organised by Alan Cross, drew an impressive array of submissions. Nine distinct films, each exploring the profound question of identity, were carefully curated and presented to an audience of approximately 35 people. The films delved into the complexities of self-discovery, weaving narratives that ranged from personal journeys to broader reflections on community and interconnectedness. Winners were selected by the panel of judges from SDFM on storytelling, technical ability, interpretation of the theme, emotion and entertainment value.
The screening was not only an opportunity for filmmakers to share their artistic expressions but also a chance for the community to come together and engage with thought-provoking content. The Ferring Village Hall, steeped in a warm and welcoming atmosphere, provided the perfect backdrop for this cultural celebration.
Following the screening, attendees enjoyed a refreshing break, exchanging thoughts and impressions on the thought-provoking films they had just witnessed. Laughter, applause, and animated discussions filled the air as community members connected over the shared experience.
The climax of the evening was the eagerly anticipated awards ceremony, where the winners were announced by the event organiser, Alan Cross. The esteemed task of presenting the awards fell to Roy Powell, the chairman of the SDFM club, adding a touch of prestige to the event.
As the names were called, applause and cheers erupted, echoing the community’s appreciation for the filmmakers’ dedication and creativity. The diverse range of films and the talents showcased made the judging process a challenging one, yet the winners emerged as true standouts in the competition.
Congratulations to all the entrants who captured the essence of the theme in their own unique ways. The community’s gratitude extends to everyone who contributed to the success of this event, from the filmmakers to the dedicated organiser and the supportive SDFM club.
The Ferring Village Hall, buzzing with excitement and community spirit, was the perfect setting for an evening that not only celebrated filmmaking but also strengthened the bonds within the community. As the credits rolled on this successful event, it left an indelible mark, showcasing the power of storytelling and the rich tapestry of identities that make up the vibrant community within Sussex.

The Awards

Overall Competition Winner I’m Hungry     Thomas Toghil 17
Runner-up Second Prize Who Am I? Ian Ryder Adult
Best Animation Condo Trevor Hardy Adult
Club Audience Favourite Between The Blue and Green Kristian Coburn Adult
Most Original Screenplay Who Am I? Max Nightingale 16
Highly Commended Listening Jason Ramasami Adult
Highly Commended Table Top Shots James Wilday 17
Commended Who Am I? Tom Weager 13
Commended Mr Bit Corey Hopkins 17





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