Fancy a Role – Camera Team

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Be part of the CAMERA TEAM.


The camera team(s) are there to get the tripod and camera set up in the right position to frame the shot. Working with the lighting team, the director and the actors, they are responsible for making sure the framing, focus and recording of the images goes ahead smoothly.

They inform the clapper loader where the best position is for them to ‘clap’ before each shot so the editor can view the clapper board’s information clearly. The clapper loader has to be current with the scene number and which take number it is. They may also mark down on a separate sheet of paper which  takes were usable.

The camera team may have an external monitor to allow them to guarantee crisp focus, especially in High Definition format as often the camera viewfinder is not accessible. And make sure the sound recording equipment isn’t in shot!

Declan Browne