Fancy a Role – On Set Team

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Be part of the ON SET TEAM.


The director has an assistant that helps set up the camera shots while the director may be working with the actors. They are also mindful of the time and if shots are taking longer than have been allocated, being creative with solutions to keep within the vision trying to be created and the practicalities of time remaining.

Continuity on set may be observed by a member of the crew. Taking photos or even digital recording of certain moves/procedures can be helpful for ease of reference and easy to show/playback. They may even take down the take numbers that were successful and with the assistant director, keep a track of what has been shot and what hasn’t.

Stills photographer is always handy as they can capture the atmosphere on set, help with continuity and create a portfolio of memories for cast & crew (and Club Newsletters!)

Declan Browne