Production News

Brian Meetens brings us up to date on all the latest film production activities –


Director Mike Spanton has announced that filming is scheduled to commence on the thriller ‘Dead on Time’ in September, with additional indoor scenes to be shot in October. The 3 main characters have been cast together with key crew members.

Cast availability has hit production of John Lovell’s comedy drama ‘The Perfect Plan’, which will now be held over until next year.

David Allen has been busy filming for his comedy about an ageing Hollywood actress.

Vivienne McCulloch is working on a script to suit next years Albany competition theme of ‘Too Close to Call’ and is ready to cast her production of ‘Up, Up and Away’.

SDFM has been asked to film a promo for Arundel Museum. Bob Summers, Lucy Goldberg and Roy Powell are co-ordinating.

‘Phial 22’, the short comedy script submitted by Tony Birch is being held for production at a later date.

Do you have contact with any local theatrical society or know of anybody who may be interested in acting in our films? Are you interested in helping with productions? Please let me know or make contact with directors and co-ordinators yourself.

If you have an idea, story or script that could be the basis for a film, don’t forget the script evenings. We want to hear all your ideas.