Production News

Following the success of last year’s 2 films about Lancing and Durrington, made by club members as part of the club’s ‘Summer Shoot’ internal film competition, the club is focusing on the production of a spy drama this year, with the intention of entering it into local and national film competitions. Many club members are involved taking on the roles of acting and crew.
‘Tripwire’, a recent film by club member Alan Cross, has enjoyed much success at local and national film festivals, and other films are being made by individual club members.
Scripts are always being sought for both club and personal film productions. Do you have any ideas for stories that could be filmed by the club? Do you know anybody who may be interested in acting in our films? Whilst we have a few members who are willing to (and capable of) acting, we often struggle with obtaining actors (of the right age) for our productions.
Are you interested in directing, or helping with productions? Members will be offered the opportunity of helping in some capacity with the making of the films. This could be anything from pre-production activities including finances, storyboarding, shooting schedules in conjunction with the producer and director, through to acting and crewing with all the various types of roles required here. If you are interested, then please get in touch and let us know.