Cinematographer Nick Driftwood evening

The evening of Wednesday 5th June was given over to cinematographer Nick Driftwood. Club members saw a presentation Nick made at the The Photography & Video Show at the NEC back in March, and as they were very impressed with what they learned, and the fact that he lives in Brighton, they invited him to a club evening. 

Nick describes himself as a film-maker, technologist, musician, writer, producer of live events, dramas, documentaries, music videos and more. He is also an ambassador for Panasonic, so naturally his leaning regarding camera hardware etc. was towards Panasonic products.

Nick talked about different types of Panasonic cameras for film makers and showed extracts from films he had made using them. His enthusiasm and knowledge was extensive and members were treated to a full (and a bit more) evening of entertainment and information.

It is hoped Nick will be able to return at some future date to entertain club members again.