Club meetings go ‘virtual’ on-line

Yes the last club meeting held on Wednesday 15th April was held as a virtual on-line meeting, with members joining together using the Zoom conferencing tool.

It was great to be able to see and talk to members who had not been together for quite a while, and whilst not all members were represented and able to join, a good many were.

This first virtual on-line meeting was fairly unstructured so members could get the hang of the using the system. Suggestions were asked of members for the content of future meetings in this format. Some screen sharing was done to see how films could be shown by sharing files directly from computers; by sharing YouTube and Vimeo films; and by sharing tutorial films from websites. It was agreed that some audio settings needed to be refined and that the quality of the shared video could do with improving if possible within the limits of the Zoom system.

It was a fun evening and everybody enjoyed the company and the experience, and it is hoped that more members will join in the next meeting on Wednesday 20th May.