Our Holiday Competition

Our Annual Holiday Competition was held on Wednesday 21st June, and 16 members watched – six movie films and one Audio Visual (AV) film.

Below: Horace in full flight from Howard’s winning film ‘Horace Bradshaw’.

The films were as follows:

1. ‘Home From Home’ by Howard Johnson
This film was a comedy about a holiday maker who stayed in a very rundown villa. During his stay, he had many mishaps.

2. ‘The Camel Estuary’ by Alan Cross
Arial views of the beautiful Camel Estuary with music.

3. ‘The Krimml Waterfall’ by Mike Spanton
A short documentary about the Krimml Waterfall showing the three stages of the Waterfalls descent.

4. ‘Incident at Baggy Point’ by Howard Johnson
A comedy set in the Wild West with some of the shots using a green screen.

5. ‘Barbados’, by Chris Morgan
A short holiday log showing places of interest in Barbados.

6. AV Photo Safari of ‘Botswana’ by Jim Anderson
An AV of animals native to Southern Africa in their natural habitat.

7. ‘Horace Bradshaw’ by Howard Johnson
A comedy about the achievements of an Olympic runner, carrying the torch.

Following the screenings, members voted for their favourite film. First prize went to ‘Horace Bradshaw’ and the runner-up was ‘The Krimml Waterfall’.

by Chris Morgan