The Realities of a Jobbing Actor and Creative Writer

At our club evening on Wednesday 2nd May, we were treated to a fascinating talk by Christophe Philipps.

He explained how he got to where his is today as a Jobbing Actor and Creative Writer, from his first written story and show he put on when at Portsmouth university, through to his obtaining a Masters degree in Penryn, Cornwell, through to a show he wrote and performed at the Brighton Fringe.

A film series which he co-wrote with Kelly Michelle Gray entitled ‘All’s Fair in Love and Tinder’, has had some success on YouTube, and it’s 3rd series is in the process of pre-production.

Christophe is a member of the ‘Worthing Area Actors and Creatives’ who meet on a regular basis at the Cellar Arts Club in Worthing. Their Facebook page gives more info on what the group do.

Following his talk Christophe emailed our chairman with the following:

“I had a really fun night – was lovely to meet everyone and dig deep into the (sometimes difficult) realities of being an actor. But a very receptive, positive bunch. Happy to come on board – thanks again for asking me to! :-)”