Meet Richard Vobes – aka ‘The Bald Explorer’

At our last club meeting, on 16 October, members enjoyed an entertaining evening with Richard Vobes, aka ‘The Bald Explorer’ and his girlfriend, Julia Hartley.

Richard lives in Worthing and, some 30 years ago, he was also an SDFM member.  Today, he earns a living as a vlogger.  With assistance from Julia, they have made numerous videos exploring the history, nature and landscape of the British Isles, but especially the Sussex area. 

It wasn’t always like this.  Richard’s ambition was to work in television – a media in which he enjoyed some success – but it was fascinating to hear of the difficulties he encountered before going his own way with the advent of YouTube technology. Today, he enjoys a large following from across the world and puts out regular vlogs on a whole variety of topics, being blessed with the ability of being able to talk, unscripted, on almost any subject. See his YouTube videos at or on his website