Our Annual Christmas Competition

Was held on Wednesday 15th February together with other competitions and films to show.

The evening started with the 1-minute and 2-minute ‘Hot Shorts’ competitions, for which there were 3 entries in each. These and the Christmas competition, were judged by the members present on the evening.

The 1-minute was won by Alan Cross with his beautiful ‘Waterloo Time Lapse’ film.

The 2-minute winner ‘Michael’s Toad’, was produced by Michael and David, a fascinating insight into the life of his ‘pet’ toad.

(UPDATE as of 18th May – Michael’s toad unfortunately passed away last night, probably due to the shock of only scoring 1 point at the Chichester Challenge!)



And finally the Christmas competition itself was won, justifiably, by Howard Johnson with his great film ‘The Festive Flame’, about a local Worthing nursery which produces 200,000 Poinsettia plants each year for the huge UK Christmas market.




Then, by popular demand we watched again Alan Cross’ ‘Trip Wire’, featuring the twin brothers Tom and Sam Weager, playing on the beach and then accidentally destroying their world.

Time for a tea and coffee break before watching the 2 documentary films made under the ‘Summer Shoot’ umbrella, produced by Roy Powell – about Lancing, and Bob Summer’s about Durrington. This was followed by discussion regarding the making of these 2 films.

A great evening’s entertainment and well done to the competition winners and all those who contributed to the production of all the films shown.


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