We’re back with physical meetings (at the moment!)

In August we held a Zoom meeting and watched and listened to a seminar on YouTube by award-winning producer and broadcaster Richard Speziale who scripted and edited the documentary BURMA: AN INDICTMENT (Best Documentary – 2010 Soho International Film Festival). 

After some discussion about how SDFM members could bring the techniques from the seminar to their own documentary film editing, we watched another 2 short YouTube videos by British travel film maker Thomas Alex Norman, who talked about the importance of sound design in holiday videos and finally he used ‘Speed Ramping’ as an example of a technique which can be learned with concentrated focus and plenty of practice.

Thomas has many YouTube videos with plenty of tips and ideas for improving your holiday and travel films.

And YES we held our first physical meeting since the national lockdown, in September, at Heene Community Centre in Worthing.

This was a Script Reading evening with script and idea contributions from some of the 17 (socially-distanced) members who attended, together with discussions as to what scripts could practically be made into club films.

Our usual club meeting venue (Ferring Village Hall) is quite small and as such it is not easy for it to fully comply with the government guidelines without having a caretaker or full-time cleaning staff, though it is working hard to be able to reopen. We are hopeful that we will back in Ferring at some time in the future.