9 films and 50 minutes later, and Christmas was all over for another year!

SDFM club members were treated to 9 very different films produced by it’s own club members, shown in a playlist on the SDFM YouTube channel in it’s annual Christmas Film Competition. This encompassed a variety of holiday films edited over the Christmas holiday period together with films made specifically to reflect the lockdown situation over Christmas.

After the viewing and discussion about the films, came the voting, utilising the Zoom polling feature, where everybody got to vote for their favourite film. And guess what, 3 films tied for first place, so a new vote was agreed with just those 3 films in it. And a clear winner came out – Alan Cross’s music video for the Wiltshire Heart Throbs Charity single, “Corona”. Composer, William McCrea, is a prominent heart surgeon at the Great Western Hospital in Swindon, where the video was filmed. 

William caught the virus and only just managed to survive. As a result of his near death experience, he felt inspired to write the song, which William also performs together with Valerie Barlow and Peter George Rowe. The project goes out as a thank you to all the NHS healthcare workers, who are on the frontline fighting the spread of the deadly virus. You can see the film at: vimeo.com/482890018