The World Premiere – what an occasion!

Yes the World Premiere of our Worthing Community Chest film – ‘From Rags to Riches’ – took place on Zoom on Wednesday 18th November. 14 club members + 2 WCC representatives + 1 guest + 1 potential new club member (+ Martin of course), enjoyed a great evening from watching the film itself, to discussing it afterwards, and generally socialising with other members.

The 80 minute film did not seem that long when watching the various clubs and organisations featured, together with John Fisher and Jane Bristow’s introduction and segments and closure. A lot of people have put a lot of time and effort into the making of this film, and particular mention must go to Howard Johnson as Editor and Producer, for pulling it all together into a finished project.

Some minor audio gremlins crept into the YouTube showing, but nothing that cannot be easily fixed. Naomi Wildey and Ann Simpson from the Community Chest enjoyed it hugely and thanked the club for it’s efforts. Just a shame that at this point in time it has not been able to be shown at the Dome cinema in Worthing as originally planned. We hope this will happen one day, as a viewing on the ‘big screen’ would certainly do it justice.

Howard is now in discussion with Naomi as to how best to distribute the film so all the groups represented have an opportunity to see themselves in action!